Friday, December 23, 2011

Sorry, I am enjoying the Colts' winning streak

Two thoughts on the Indianapolis Colts and the winning streak that, should they defeat the Jaguars next week, will cost them Andrew Luck.
First is this: Curtis Painter is absolutely atrocious. The Big Lead's Jason Lisk did the research earlier that insisted a Hall of Fame quarterback was worth only a hand full of wins. A replacement level quarterback is pretty much the definition of Dan Orlovsky, and he won games for the Colts. Painter was a disaster. He is worth negative wins when compared to an average quarterback. I have claimed he is a bad quarterback, and has been ever since college. The evidence is getting more and more tangible.
Second, I have noticed that nobody is saying that the Colts should go after Robert Griffin or Landry Jones with their pick if they don't get Luck. Both are top 5 picks. This simply suggests what I have been saying all season... The Colts don't need a quarterback. If the Colts win next week, the team will fill a position of need in the draft, such as any other position but quarterback. That's a good thing.



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