Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Links of the Day 12/20/11

I have broken an OCD habit. No more compulsory reading of my Google Reader. I need my life back more than I need to read posts from 5 days ago that I haven't gotten around to. Fresher links for you!

Montreal doesn't care for their English speaking head coach.

Some pictures with words on them from the NFL week,

Random, not timely whatsoever, but I like Christmas here netter than, say, Austria.

San Francisco 20, Pittsburgh 3 - Don't worry, Ben Roethlisberger was accounted for during the extensive power outages.
Davidson 80, Kansas 74 - This is your classic "bad loss", played in Kansas City.
Purdue 81, IPFW 57 - The Mastadons! Large, hairy pachyderms aren't good at basketball. Who knew?
Georgia 72, Mercer 58 - Here, and I was just talking you up, Mercer. Don't make me look bad!
Vancouver 4, Minnesota 0 and Calgary 2, Minnesota 1 - That's not.... good.
Bolton 2, Blackburn 1 - Bolton was in last place. Now Blackburn is. Get ready for some white hot English Championship action next year.



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