Thursday, October 13, 2011

Notes from Day 1

Well, I got on the road around 9 today, and it was rainy and gross in the Twin Cities. By the time I got to Owatonna, though, the sun was out and the rest of the drive was very warm. It really saps the battery on my phone/GPS. Here are some notes from the drive.

- I only made one stop, which is incredible. Thank YOU Dexter, Iowa and your Casey's General Store for pizza and gas and directions back to the interstate.

- There is a radio station in Omaha that goes by "The Big O".

- The entire state of Nebraska is under construction. Like, really, every major town had construction in and around it. It was a slow go.

- I went out for a barbecue pork sandwich and a beer. Through eavesdropping, I learned that I was sitting next to this guy's father.

All right, enough for now. I will check in tomorrow night. Game is on Saturday!



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