Saturday, October 08, 2011

NFL Computerized Power Ranks: Week 4

Two huge things I need to address before posting the power ranks this week:

First, the ranks are late this week for a pretty good reason. As Ryan mentioned, I became a father for the first time last Friday, and my little guy is doing great! Last Sunday, we got to watch my 49ers beat the evil Eagles for the first game of his life, which was definitely a memorable one (I won't mention the first Purdue game of his life...maybe I'll just pretend that today's game was the first of his life).

Second, big news in the NFL today as Raiders owner Al Davis passed away. Since I'm not from the Bay Area, its ok for me to like both the 49ers and Raiders, and the Raiders have always been my 2nd favorite team since they are my dad's favorite. Even though Davis has been criticized in recent years for his management of the Raiders, his gigantic contributions to the game and to turn the Raiders into the image of renegades will never be forgotten. The NFL won't be nearly as fun without him.

So onto the ranks, first I'm going to try something new with them this week. To be a little more efficient, instead of just typing them all out like I usually do, I made an image file of the ranks from my sheet where I calculate them. Feel free to comment if you like/hate the new style.

This week was very uneventful in rank movement. The Lions and Packers stayed as #1 and #2, remaining as the only undefeated teams left. The Bills lost their first game, but only fell down to #4. They were replaced at #3 by the Ravens, who moved up from #4. The Patriots surged back to #5 after a big win over the above-mentioned Raiders.

The bottom 5 remained in the bottom 5 this week, despite the Chiefs getting their first win over the #27 Vikings. The Chiefs were so bad the first 3 weeks that their win was not enough to jump over the 0-4 Vikings. The Dolphins, Rams, and Colts also suck.

The Patriots were the biggest gainers this week, jumping 8 spots. The biggest losers were the Cowboys, who blew a big lead to the Lions and dropped 9 spots to #18.

Here are the full ranks:

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