Sunday, October 09, 2011

Links of the Day 10/9/11

A three post day yesterday. I am winded! You know, even though Steve did the heavy lifting.

Athletics Nation had an extensive interview with Billy Beane. He seems nice.

What exactly IS TCU doing?

Arian Foster is concerned about traffic. 

College Football
Purdue 45, Minnesota 17 - I am just awestruck by how bad Minnesota played this game. I'm still not totally convinced that Purdue is substantially better than Minnesota, but the way the Gophers played, I think Jerry Kill might have lost this team already. Too bad.
North Dakota State 9, Southern Illinois 3 - Did they forget to play the second half or something?
Utah State 63, Wyoming 19 - If this game had been before the Cowboys' game with Nebraska, I think we might have a better idea that Nebraska isn't so great.
Minnesota 4, Columbus 2 - Hockey! And both Dany Heatley AND Devin Setoguchi put pucks in the net! So exciting.



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