Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh good, preseason football

I like to call this picture "Sea-Jack". Because it's T-Jack. Playing for Seattle. This is the first NFL action joke I have had since February. I'm rusty.But you know what? I won't be honing my craft in the preseason.
It's just a scrimmage. I don't get worked up about Spring Training, or preseason NHL, and I am not going to really make note of the NFL Preseason. What bothers me is that everyone else absolutely adores it. I will be working Saturday, listening to my coworkers at Real Job Inc's favorite team, the Vikings, participating in a joint practice with the Tennessee Titans.
I don't know what the thrill is. Sure, it's football, but winning and losing are irrelevant to anything. At all. So who cares? Not me. Just don't get hurt. Basically, it's the Pro Bowl with less talent.
So I guess what I'm saying is, don't expect preseason analysis or scores in the scoreboard, because I don't care, and this is my blog.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think people just get excited for Football. Why does it 'have to matter' to make it fun? I'm excited to watch football. I don't care who wins or loses and won't get worked up about it, but I'm not going to avoid it like the plague like you seem to.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Hey, I'm glad you like it, I can't get into it, that's all.

1:08 AM  

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