Thursday, August 11, 2011

Delmon Young and Danny Valencia ARE THE SAME PLAYER!!!!

To wit: OPS+ in the mid 80s, bad defense, a middling season a year after a break out. Both of these descriptors could be used to describe either Valencia or Young. There are subtle differences, of course. Valencia is a year older (!) and Young has 5 years of Major League experience (!). Valencia's struggles this year can be attributed to the enigmatic sophomore slump, while Young's can be attributed to the much more tangible trips to the DL for the first time in his career.
I bring this up for one reason, the perceived tone when dealing with both players. When Valencia and his problems are brought up, people worry about his development, and what will eventually come from the youngster. When Young and his problems this season are mentioned, the tone is that Young is a washed up has been that the Twins should divest themselves of immediately. Again: Young and Valencia are the same player in almost every way this year.
I don't understand. Is it simply the money? It has to be right? The two players are the same this year, but Young has a longer history of success. His lowest career batting average is .284, his lowest HR total is 10. He has 5 career seasons. His career average is .289, with an OPS of .748. Danny Valencia has onle one other year of experience, so this season should serve as a greater bit of evidence that he isn't quite cut out for the Majors (and if we apply the same standards to Valencia as we do to Young, Valencia should be replaced immediately). Valencia's career stats over the course of what amounts to about a season and a third, he is hitting .272 with an OPS of .724.
Young, this season, has been approximately the same player as Valencia, and the past 5 years should have shown us that he is the better overall player. Why doesn't anyone treat him that way.

I mean, besides me, of course.

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