Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Bert weekend

On Saturday, Twins commentator Bert Blyleven will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Fortunately, it is a Fox national telecast that day, so the FSN crew can go to Cooperstown to be with their coworker and the beloved Minnesota icon (unfortunately, the Twins play in the middle of the ceremony).
Of course, Blyleven isn't being inducted for his time on TV, although I think that should have something to do with it. It's for his longevity, endurance and his knee-buckling curveball. Still, most in my generation remember him in the booth more than they remember him on the mound, and that helps us be glad that such a kindhearted, likeable man can be so greatly honored.
Of course, even younger, less mature generations might appreciate his love of flatulence as well.



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