Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why isn't this making more headlines?

According to the Worldwide Leader, the NFL Lockout is essentially over, after both the Players and Owners have agreed to all the principles of an idea. The weird thing is, this seems like momentous news, and it's not really being reported anywhere else (outside of CBS). This seems like it should be big news, like, to the point that major news networks and local newspapers should be covering it. Even the blogs like Deadspin don't have anything yet. Can I think of any reasons why this might be? Yes.

- NFL Lockout fatigue. People are sick of hearing NFL news that may or may not be accurate. It's been a long boring summer, and everyone would rather not think about legal bargaining any more.

- ESPN might just be making sh*t up again. Lately, there has been some doubt and mistrust for the network and their journalistic integrity (though CBS is somewhat more reputable)

- There is simply much more important news in the world today, from the tragedy in Norway, to the death of Amy Winehouse, to the shooting in Texas, to gay marriage being performed for the first time in New York, to the train crash in China. Not only that, but today is Hall of Fame induction day, so baseball gets the top spots on most web pages.

But hey, the lockout might be over, if you're into football.

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