Friday, June 17, 2011

OK, I get it

Nobody likes Delmon Young. Every where you turn, there is someone lobbying to have him benched or traded or something. So, until the deadline passes, or I get bored, I am going to present you with a reason that Young should stick around. Today's reason? He is right handed.
Next season, Michael Cuddyer is off the roster (probably) which leave the Twins with a stable of righties that includes Danny Valencia and Delmon Young (if he is retained). The Twins aren't really big on signing free agents and certainly wouldn't sign one for the outfield, not with Ben Revere (another lefty) slotted to take over.
Target Field has pretty much shown that it is much easier for a right handed bat to be successful than a lefty. Why would we continue to stock up on lefties in power spots, where their power is squandered? It makes no sense to me.



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