Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winter Sports Season is almost over

Can it really be summer if there is still hockey going on? I say no. As much as I hate winter, I will sorely miss hockey, football and basketball seasons.
The Vancouver Canucks are playing at home against the Boston Bruins tonight in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Other than that, it's baseball all the way to October. That's not such a bad thing, because the weather will be nice, but it will sure be nice when there is some option on what to watch when the Twins bullpen blows another game.
As for the game tonight, I am taking Vancouver. The Canucks have been an entirely different team in Canada, and there has to be at least one game that the Creepy Sedins are able to break out. Why not game 7? Also, I don't know if I can handle every team in Boston getting a championship in the past 10 years. Wouldn't that be awful? Grantland would be insufferable.



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