Monday, June 13, 2011

What I don't like about the NBA

The problem with the NBA is this: There is too much focus on an individual. Think about the Finals. IT was Dirk. It was Lebron. There was some mention of Jason Terry. There was a lot about Dwyane Wade. The teams are so small the focus has to be on certain individuals.
That said, when a star is playing for a winning team, it becomes entirely about that one player. The Lakers are Kobe. The Mavs are Dirk. It was a big deal when Lebron went to Miami because one player bears so much influence on a team.
So, that said, since all these teams are about the one player, a team's successes then become tied exclusively to the careers of the individual. The Bulls were good when Michael Jordan was there. The Spurs with Tim Duncan. For the most part, the players don't want to be identified with the team, but rather as their own brand. It's more profitable. This is, in large part, why players gravitate towards Los Angeles, New York or Chicago... It's easier to become Air Jordan if you can coexist with the marketers of the world.
So, there you have it. The NBA is technically a team game, but one player can tip the balance. Even if pay is equitable, those big name players are ALWAYS going to go to the big markets, because they are going to make real money there, away from the game.
And that's why the NBA sucks.



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amen, dude, amen.

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