Sunday, April 17, 2011

A post about NASCAR

Tomorrow is one of the two biggest races of the year for the casual fan. The casual fan, I assumes, enjoys the massive wrecks and not the skilled passing at a places like Martinsville or wherever. Anyways, this weekend is at Talladega, a very good place to go if you want to see spectacular crashing, but one thing they have is drafting and wide open racing.
This year, since the threat for crashes is high, and the need for drafting helps cars in many ways but also leads the potential for more accidents with drivers running blind, many drivers are programming other drivers' radio frequencies for themselves
So now all these drivers are going to have the potential to chit chat with one another mid race. What will this do? The drivers of NASCAR are notoriously high strung, will they use the radios for the purpose of expressing their road rage? Or will they have to end up listening to other drivers rattle back and forth with their spotters and crew?
Actually, what this sounds like is a bunch of drivers are going to go through what the rest of the world does when we go for 500 mile drives. Talk radio. IT sounds less and less like a typical sport and more like a test of endurance. Pretty soon, they will throw a gassy dog in the back seat for all the races.



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