Saturday, April 16, 2011

Links of the Day 4/16/11

Apologies for the delay today,. It was my uncles funeral, so hopefully I don't have many delays like this again.

Sid Hartman (heartbeat of Minnesota sports) says the Vikings will draft a defensive lineman within the first three picks. That is an enormous limb Sid is out on [sarcasm]

Most dangerous mascot ever.

In case the NHL Playoffs make you want to drink.

Tampa 5, Twins 2 and Tampa 4, Twins 3 - The Twins need to win tomorrow in order to avoid the sweep. The most the team has scored in this series is 3, so the problem hasn't been the bullpen, as much as you may want to lay blame there.
Anaheim 4, Chicago 3 and Anaheim 7, Chicago 2 - The White Sox aren't doing a LOT better. Better, sure, but not a lot better.

Everton 2, Blackburn 0 - Blackburn isn't doing so well since they sacked Sam Allardyce.

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