Friday, April 22, 2011

Did anyone expect this to be the problem?

Let me run through some stats for you:
So far, the Twins have hit just 8 home runs.(last in the league)
So far, the Twins are the only team in the league who hasn't surpassed the 5 run total in a game. They are also the only team who hasn't surpassed the 6 run total.
Going into tonight's game, they had only scored 54 runs, last in the league. They were 6 behind the Padres. Tonight, they scored 3. They are still in last, even if the Padres get shut out.
The team batting average going into today's game was a paltry .231

If you haven't got the gist so far... The Twins aren't hitting, and they aren't scoring. One could see a slight decrease in production because of the inferior lineup as compared to last year when the season began, but this year's offense has been extraordinarily awful. You can't even blame it on a slump, you have to blame it on something else...
The flu.
This has to be the worst, mosot ravenous case of the flu ever seen in sports. First, Joe Mauer was felled to the point that he is on the DL with something called "Bilateral Leg Weakness" and it was reported that he is visibly thinner, having lost 15-20 pounds. A few games ago, Ron Gardenhire said Justin Morneau would be available to pinch hit... if he could just get off the toilet. Delmon Young has been confirmed to be out for at least the remainder of the series in Baltimore, but you can;t really expect him back in time for Cleveland this week, given that the other two people with this bug have already been out for longer.
Who would have thought, a full blown epidemic would be the Twins' early undoing. And such a surgical strike! Taking out the teams three best hitters, that's impressively bad luck.
Or is it?

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