Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't make me cry Matt Painter

As I mentioned in the links, it appears there is a chance that Matt Painter could be going to Missouri to be their new head coach. The money is the key, but now Purdue has stepped up their offer to Painter. How low would this be for a Purdue fan? Well, Painter recruited the best class that Purdue has had in over a decade and saw them crumble in the second round of the tournament. Painter has been an excellent recruiter so far, however his incoming classes are as yet untested, and there is enough time that those youngsters could decide to play elsewhere.
But these are problems that would beset a program losing any good coach. Purdue prides itself on being a basketball school in a basketball state. Matt Painter is an alumnus of Purdue. How could they lose a brilliant, home grown coach to a second rate team from a conference on the verge of collapse?! The emotional scars, the rejection, would be too much to bear, I think. Sure, we could try to stay positive, but how could we keep the faith? I don't think I am being overdramatic when I say that losing Matt Painter would be one of the most gut wrenching things possible for a proud program that has been middling for far too long.
So, Coach Painter, please don't go. It would hurt my soul.



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