Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Purdue-centric look at the tournament

I said that when the bracket came out, I was extremely happy with the way the bracket set up for my Boilermakers. They come out flat in games where there isn't much reason to have energy, like against the Hawkeyes in Iowa and the first round of the Big Ten Tournament, when they squared off against a team that was playing for something while Purdue wasn't. I don't expect their recent slide to continue, is what I am saying.
The first round game against St. Peter's shouldn't be a problem if they come out like we all know the Boilers can play. Purdue is a much bigger, more athletic team.I am looking forward to this game in primetime, showing what the Boilers can do.
The second round will be interesting. Georgetown is completely imploding. They were doing well early in the season, but when star Chris Wright went down, the team did too. But now they are well rested and Wright may come back in time for the tournament. Still, if they are out of rhythm, they may lose to their first round opponent (USC or VCU, we'll find out tonight) and Purdue will have an easy time with whomever they end up playing. If Georgetown wins and gains a little momentum, I would grow a little concern.
In my brackets, I have Purdue playing either Florida State or Notre Dame in the Sweet 16. I think Purdue can play a little more athletically than either team, but Notre Dame can bomb from outside, and if they get hot, they could be tricky. The Seminorles are a completely opposite team, relying on an inside presence, and with Purdue having both Jajuan Johnson and a E'Twaun Moore playing inside and outside respectively, as well as several complimentary players (generally on the outside) that could match up with either team. I think a game against Florida State would be a better game for the Boilers than Notre Dame, but maybe playing against traitor Scott Martin would provide a little spirit for the team.
I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but I feel like things are set up for what I have been saying all year. It will be disappointing if the Boilers don't reach at least the Elite 8.

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