Monday, March 28, 2011

The revamped NCAA tournament: Secondary bracket

As I mentioned yesterday, the new NCAA tournament would have a primary bracket, which I highlighted yesterday, and a secondary bracket, which was to be drawn mostly at random. By "mostly at random" I meant this: the highest 34 teams in terms of RPI would be drawn against the lowest 34 (and re drawn depending upon who was still available in future rounds). The first team listed was the seeded team, the second was the unseeded team in the drawing I did last night:
Wichita State vs Oral Roberts, Memphis vs Duquesne, Richmond vs New Mexico, UNLV vs Jacksonville, Texas vs Western Michigan, Butler vs Idaho, VCU vs San Francisco, Syracuse vs Morehead State, Harvard vs Robert Morris, Michigan vs Boise State, Connecticut vs Alabama, Kansas State vs UC-Santa Barbara, Kentucky vs Akron, UCLA vs UNC-Asheville, Cleveland State vs Indiana State, Louisville vs Iona, Purdue vs American, Illinois vs East Tennessee, State, Notre Dame vs Tulsa, Florida State vs Yale, Temple vs Wofford, Missouri vs Montana, Duke vs Texas-San Antonio, Gonzaga vs USC, San Diego State vs St. Peter's, Texas A&M vs Hofstra, Wisconsin vs North Dakota, Clemson vs Boston U., Old Dominion vs Virginia Tech, Georgia vs Alabama State, Washington vs Western Carolina, Vanderbilt vs Hampton, UTEP vs Quinnipiac, Colorado State vs Arkansas- Little Rock.

The Gonzaga-USC game had the smallest gap between the seeded and unseeded RPIs. I'll check back in when I have this simmed down to a sweet 16 of some sort.In the mean time, I'll talk about baseball tomorrow, probably.

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