Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cooking with Ryan: Hashbrown casserole

 My mom's side of the family is extraordinarily Scandinavian, and as such, they enjoy their potatoes. I have a whole new respect for their dedication to getting after a boring food. Now, I love my potatoes and starches, but I'm not sure I ever want to peel a potato again. And then shredding the potato for use in the hashbrowns? Oh yes, I made this from scratch, friends. Recognize my domesticity. 
I actually really enjoyed the veggies that went along with it. They were just nuked in Italian dressing, dill and pepper, but they were pretty good. I love me a good radish. The best part was the recipe called for the veggies to be "cooked to perfection". In this case, that meant 2 minutes in the microwave, I guess. Otherwise, this seems like a completely asinine instruction. It's on a lot of menus too, as though a restaurant would admit that they were "cooked to mediocre", or "cooked to adhere to the health code". 
My favorite part of the whole experience was the shopping for ingredients I didn't have, namely the veggies. I got checked out, and the guy behind me had 6 frozen pizzas and about 3 rolls of Pillsbury something or other. I felt like an adult. 
Other than that though, the experience was pretty nondescript. Potatoes aren't fun for cooking, and also, important lesson, the inside of an onion is rather warm.



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