Saturday, June 26, 2010

Admittedly, this is not Favre's fault

The annoying thing about the past two years was that he claimed to retire, then weaseled his way out of town and tried to force his way into others. He spent a lot of his time playing the media until he got what he wanted, and was a drama queen the whole way.
This offseason, he's not trying to pull anything on anyone. I think everyone in the world expects him to return. He had the ankle surgery, he hasn't filed for retirement or whined about not being a starter after jerking around a team for year. He hasn't done all the things in an offseason that make everyone hate him. He just can't say he is coming back yet because he's old and can't take training camp. He's got a gentleman's agreement with the Vikings that will help him be healthy and help the Vikings not be terrible.
Seeing as everyone acknowledges this and its a mere formality back, and recognizing that he can't come out and SAY that he has decided, anyone that would interview him trying to get an answer would be an asinine grab for attention. I'm looking at you, Biloxi Sun Herald. You know what you did.



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