Friday, June 25, 2010

Cooking with Ryan: Chili and corn muffins

Yeah, that's not the chili that I made, if you couldn't tell because of the good lighting and overall palatable nature of the photograph. I took a picture of it, with a couple the cornbread muffins I baked, but for whatever reason, the image wasn't saved. Too bad, because it was probably my most successful dish in my little journey so far.
Why? There are a few reasons, because I certainly had a couple of mistakes along the way. The biggest reason that I think that it worked is that the sauce was complex and rich, but at the same time, red pepper covers up a lot of mistakes. Seriously, I was sweating as I ate it because it was so hot. Well, hot for my Norwegian blood. Second, I think I have learned patience. Just keep plugging away at the recipe and it will eventually work itself out. But dang, that was some spicy chili. Last, I am finally good at cutting stuff. You should have seen me go through those peppers.
What were my mistakes?  Well, the cornbread muffins weren't great. They tasted a little eggy, which my cooking type friends are flabbergasted by. This might be me, because baking is such an exact art where measurements are so important, and I'm just not used to it. I mean, who buys flour? Really? Also, I forgot that, oh yeah, my lid was on that hot pan, and I grabbed it to put on the skillet (this was skillet chili) and I burned my left thumb. Also, my skillet was just barely large enough to fit all the ingredients in. You better believe there was some spillage. Cooking is not as fun when you have to clean up afterwards.
Now, the question everyone must be asking. How many alarms was the chili? I would say 2. Two alarm chili. Very tasty. The secret ingredient is ketchup!



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