Monday, June 21, 2010

The NBA Draft is on Thursday

The NBA Draft is the first and last time I care about the NBA all season, because the NBA is fixed. Even so, I find the draft to be wildly entertaining. It's sort of like graduating high school for me. All my friends are off to exciting new schools and lives away from how I knew them in school. These college athletes are part f the most entertaining spectacle in sports, the NCAA Tournament, and they play a decidedly more strategic and watchable brand of basketball, and now they are moving on to their professional careers and the subsequent millions. The NBA is boring and I won't ever see them play again. In that same vein, I haven't had a meaningful conversation with anyone I went to high school with in probably 2 years. But I know that Jon went to Marquette!
I hope the Timberwolves get some good guys for the community, because they won't ever contend for an NBA crown (fixed, remember?) and might make it a little interesting in town, like when Garnett was with the T-Wolves. I'd like Evan Turner, because he seems like he would be fun to have in town, but I don't really know what the Wolves need or want. I do know they probably shouldn't get a point guard, but then, at least people would be talking about the team, right?



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