Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some European teams to get behind

I have done, I think, an excellent job of getting into European soccer, mostly because I can't passively follow it since it isn't covered explicitly on ESPN, the Star Trib or any American media outlet. I have to really check it out and find out what 's going on. Fun stuff, to be sure. Anyways, without providing any real insight or evangelizing you to the ways of soccer, I have compiled this list of a few European teams that you should probably root for, mostly because I like their names.
First, I should let you know that I pull for Rosenborg in the Norwegian league, because they are the best team in Trondheim, where my grandmother's family is from. Of the smaller leagues, they are the only real affiliation I have. Now, some fun teams.
Zestafoni - How can you feel bad cheering for a team called Zestafoni?
Tom Tomsk - Not unlike a GPS device.
Sheriff - Sounds pretty badass, right?
Honka - Perhaps this Finnish team is Fozzy Bear's favorite.
Also, Minnesotans I ask you why you would cheer for Viking when you could pull for Vikingur. I think it's Odd.
Dutch names are just funny, like Feyenoord or Heerenveen.
FC Kobenhavn in Denmark is always fun, because abbreviated, it's always FCK.
Videoton - Blockbuster's greatest rival.

I'm sure I'll come up with plenty more, but this is definitely a good start



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