Monday, May 24, 2010

Cooking with Ryan: Chicken and shells

This recipe was going to be perfect. It was easy and I already had all the ingredients, except the noodles, and picked those up after work. It took some tomato, salsa, dill weed and cilantro. I looked in the fridge yesterday morning and saw that the fresh cilantro that had been there was looking... unwell. The moisture was leaking out of it and it was wilting and all becoming very clear that I needed more cilantro.
Here is the problem with cilantro (which looks like this, by the way), if you want it fresh, you have to buy it in bunches. I have now had two recipes that asked for a few stalks of cilantro. The first was last week's salmon (2) and this weeks chicken and shells (8). That picture I linked to is fairly accurate in terms of how much cilantro you get when you buy a bunch. Who uses that much cilantro? I can't complain a whole lot, because that enormous bunch is only about $1.50, but that price raises even more questions. If that much cilantro is that inexpensive, that must mean the supply is huge, right? If so, where are the majestic fields, teeming with cilantro plants?
Anyways, the dish didn't really have a sauce, it just infused the noodles with cilantro and dill weed flavor. The salsa added some kick, and I used fajita chicken, so there was a spicy, earthy flavor to it. Not bad. Does anyone need any cilantro?



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