Friday, May 21, 2010

In case you didn't know, TMZ does sports too

I do a lot of writing on the internet. I write here, at Victoria-Weather, at Barry Melrose Rocks, and at the 7th Inning Stache. I'm all over the place, and people have many ways to contact me. With my name out there, many people want me to promote their stuff as well, or they simply send me things that I might like, and I link to them so everyone can enjoy them.
Major media outlets are now taking note of the smaller blogs (like me!) and passing along stories and article. Remember Cam Martin from ESPN?  I have received a few e-mails from him (or his well paid intern) at this point, and they were much appreciated. Now I received one from TMZ.
You know, TMZ. The one that's on whatever channel isn't worth watching after 9pm. The one about gossip and whatever Lindsay Logan is doing. They are covering sports now. Well, not covering sports. They have moved on to destroying the lives of athletes and coaches. They call it TMZ sports. Anyways, they offered me the chance to use one of their stories (with proper link and credit!)  via e-mail today. Yee. Haw.
I can tell you this much, gentle readers. This site isn't exclusively sports, it's mostly what is on the mind of myself, Steve and Beth. It just so happens that that is mostly sports. And when we talk about sports, I prefer to talk about what is going on on the field and things that directly influence that. Failing that, I like to keep things whimsical and tangentially related to those matters on the field. Hypotheticals are fun too. I'm not too big on athlete gossip, however. I think it's base and uninteresting. Besides, we're not really into "breaking news" around here. We're more like the opinion page at the back of the newspaper that you really only read if you want to get your dander up.
If you are into gossip and things related, go ahead and go to TMZ. Just know that you won't find it here.


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