Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I guess I will analyze some drafts: Indianapolis Colts

After going offense offense offense last year, the Colts did something that they have needed to do for years: Pick stout linebackers. I was ecstatic watching the draft, even if they picked players that weren't generally tabbed as the best available at their position.
Jerry Hughes, their first pick is a good stand up pass rusher. He was more of an outside line backer at TCU, which is something I think the Colts could use. They never blitz, the Colts, so perhaps this will indicate a change in philosophy and take some pressure off the coverage line backers, like Gary Brackett, who is tough to watch sometimes.
Pat Angerer, besides having an awesome name, is one of the best run stuffing linebackers in the draft, again filling one of the team's greatest needs. I am looking forward to Angerer shoring up the defense and making me more comfortable in late game situations.
Kevin Thomas has a perfect name for someone that will play in Indiana. He also plays a great position, corner back, where the Colts were ravaged by injury last year, and replaces some of the guys lost to free agency, like Marlin Jackson.
Jacques McLendon will eventually replace some of the older linemen for the Colts, I imagine, but there is nobody yet tabbed to take over for Jeff Saturday and his beautiful eyes.
Brody Eldrige was the second tight end at Oklahoma, and now will be the second tight end for the Colts for however long Dallas Clark is in town.
Ricardo Matthews, Kavell Conner and Ray Fisher, 7th round picks,will all supply more depth to the various components of the Colts defense, which is undersized and prone to injury. Not a bad strategy.
In the end, I was pleased with the draft, but I am surprised that the only offensive players selected were a backup guard and a backup tight end. Still, depth and competition for our defense is going to make the team stronger and a more legitimate threat to return to the Super Bowl.

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