Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I guess I will analyze some drafts: Minnesota Vikings

I have had a surprisingly high number of people ask me what I thought of the Vikings draft. I am not a big Vikings fan, but I am always looking for something to write about, so I am going to go ahead and analyze a few teams' drafts, but only teams that are of note around here at the Times. First the Vikings, followed by the Colts, Panthers and maybe the 49ers.
Chris Cook, their first pick in the draft is fraught with flaws, but is a position of need, and is a bigger corner, which will help against big receivers like Calvin Johnson. He had all sorts of problems though, a major leg injury, a year missed due to academic ineligibility... This could end up not working out, and Jamarca Sanford could end up as the top corner on the team in a few years.
Toby Gerhart is a fine pick. Again, he filled a need position, but the fact they traded up for him when in fact they likely could have traded down for him is surprising. He needs to be a better pass catcher than bruiser, as he is expected to fill the role of third down back rather than the workhorse.
Everson Griffen is probably the best pick in the draft. He was a first round talent, but managed to slip all the way to the 4th round. He will provide defensive line depth, especially if Ray Edwards decides to skip town for greener pastures.
Chris Degeare was all right I think they needed a more blue chip type of offensive lineman to patch holes created by free agency.
Nathan Triplett and Ryan d'Imperio were good picks, simply because with EJ Henderson coming off a major injury and Ben Leber and Chad Greenway approaching free agency, depth was needed.
Joe Webb would have been an OK pick if they wanted him for quarterback, but they don't. I don't care if Favre throws a fit, the Vikings NEED a quarterback to develop for when he's gone.
Mickey Shuler: I guess another tight end can't hurt. What, they only have three right?

All in all, it was an OK draft for the Vikes, marked more by who they didn't take than by who they did. They probably could have gone with a more reliable CB and at least one real QB, but otherwise, I think Vikings fans should be mostly ambivalent. This was not a make or break draft, for sure.

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Blogger panthers_24 said...

I am eagerly awaiting the Panthers draft recap. I read what alot of others have said and I am looking forward to your thoughts! Yay!

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