Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why do the women ALWAYS win?

Pretty much everyone is fed up with the way that NBC is handling their Olympic coverage. Why wouldn't they be? Despite all the games and events being played during normal North American schedules, NBC can't be bothered to air as many live games as possible. The greatest offense comes on the 21st when the US men's hockey team takes on Canada. For most real North American sports fans, it's the premier event of the Olympics. It's a sport fans recognize and a rivalry we can all appreciate, given that the Canadians are superior to us in this event, all while sharing a long border with the United States. Obviously, the game will be on MSNBC.
Disgusting, especially for a network who has the Olympic package under the pretense that it is a sporting event. Of course, NBC will be airing something. Figure skating! GREAT! Why are they doing this?  Because the ladies like it! And of course, if NBC knows anything, it's pleasing the various demographics. They are also good at upsetting people they have contracts with, like the NHL, who I'm sure would have appreciated a litte more attention.
NBC sucks.

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Blogger Beth said...

I don't think this is a problem with NBC. I think this is a problem with whoever scheduled the Olympics.

Figure skating is very popular. I like it myself. On the other hand, your points about the US/Canada hockey are true as well. Figure skating should've been oppostie the Biathalon and hockey opposite some other sport less people care about.

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