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Earlier this year, a couple of friends and I decided that the Twins entire bullpen was going to be Matt Guerrier (although debates were on whether the bullpen would be Joe Nathan and Matt Guerrier, or simply Matt Guerrier). It didn’t matter who was called out of the bullpen, we were going to call him Matt Guerrier—in hopes that his pitching would wear off on the rest of the guys. This came about because despite having full season tickets. Despite attending 35+ games this year and following most of the others at home/on the road, the turnover in the bullpen has been insane this year. This is brought about by the fact that the Twins have had 20 different pitchers pitch for them this year, and as someone pointed out, September call-ups haven’t even started yet! (Although I argue that with the possible exception of Boof Bonser returning from the DL, it’s quite probable that no one who has not pitched for the Twins already will not be called up to pitch.)

This made us wonder: who on the Twins 25-man roster has spent the entire year with the team—no DL, no trips to the minors, no trades. Let’s look at the 25-man roster:

Scott Baker, 15-day DL
Nick Blackburn
Jesse Crain, 15-day DL, optioned to AAA
Brian Duensing, optioned to AAA
Armando Gabino, called up from AAA
Matt Guerrier
Philip Humber, optioned to AAA
Bobby Keppel, called up from AAA
Jeff Manship, called up from AAA
Jose Mijares, called up from AAA
Joe Nathan
Carl Pavano, acquired in trade

Joe Mauer, 15-day DL
Mike Redmond

Orlando Cabrera, acquired in trade
Alexi Casilla, optioned to AAA twice
Joe Crede*
Brendan Harris
Justin Morneau
Nick Punto, 15-day DL

Michael Cuddyer
Carlos Gomez
Jason Kubel
Denard Span, 15-day DL
Delmon Young, Bereavement Leave

* I’m amazed.

Eight of twenty-five guys have not spent the entire year with the team—less than a third. If anyone wants to know exactly why this team is just hanging out around .500, this would be why. I’m not using this as an excuse. I understand that many other teams are just as poor when it comes to the DL—or perhaps worse off. When you consider that two of the eight are not considered regular players (Brendan Harris by default has filled in quite regularly, but he’s never had a set position; Mike Redmond is clearly the back-up catcher), and a third player is debatable (Carlos Gomez plays—and sits—in streaks), the team has seen a lot of turnover on their staff. One starting pitcher has made it the whole way so far (coincidently—or not—the same guy who was the only starting pitcher to make it the full year last year, too).

Of course, this isn’t an accurate showing of their durability or ability. Baker, for instance, really only missed one start (although many Twins fans would argue that he really missed his first five starts, based on his pitching performance in those first four). Cabrera hasn’t been injured, nor has Pavano, to my knowledge and lack of effort researching. Delmon only missed a week of being with the team when his mother died.

I’m just explaining my reasoning for not knowing, on any given day, who’s actually with the Twins, and who’s on the DL or in the minors. Come to think of it, I’ve lost track of the pitching rotation, too, but I’m pretty sure Manager Ron Gardenhire feels the same way.

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Blogger Ryan said...

and now Crede is out for the year. Cease your amazement.

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