Sunday, February 08, 2009

Let's talk about football

It's Sunday, and I miss football. The Pro Bowl, obviously, doesn't count. It's what Thursday Night Smackdown is to Olympic wrestling.

Since I've proven to be excellent at whining about my teams, I figured I would assess the Colts, my football team. I complain about the Twins pretty regularly, but I think my Twins fan readers should know that I am a general malcontent and am not just bashing Minnesota.

Anyways, the colts head into the offseason with three primary needs. First is defensive tackle, second is linebacker and third is a wide receiver to pick up where Marvin Harrison will leave off. In my opinion, especially after watching the Colts blow it against the Chargers, it became frighteningly apparent that the Colts linebacking corps needed someone that could rove across the middle and prevent the short passes. The problem is, by the time the Colts pick comes around, there won't be anyone worthwhile on the board at linebacker and frankly, they never pick one in the draft anyways

Even though the linebackers are even less talented than the defensive tackles, it's more pressing that they address the DT first. The Colts have always won by scoring a lot of points, not by holding teams to very few. The very least they can do is try to slow the opposing offense down, make them pass it more so the ball gets back in Peyton Manning's hands quicker. I would argue that this task is important enough that the Colts should address it via free agency, acquiring a guy they know can do the job, rather than someone that might do the job. Look for Indy to push hard for Albert Haynesworth.

The trick in the draft will be to replenish the offense. Getting a wide receiver will make the team better next year, because Peyton Manning will be able to incorporate him into the offense. The Colts will be nearly unstoppable if they add Haynesworth and a guy like Hakeem Nicks in the draft.

Will that happen? Remains to be seen.

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