Friday, February 27, 2009

The Boras technique

Team: We can't go any higher than 15 million for 4 years.

Boras. No lower than 30 million for 5.

Team: 20 for 4.

Boras: 30 for 5.

Team: Fine, you clearly have better offers elsewhere.

Team 2: 30 for 5? Absolutely not. 15 for 4.

Team 3: Not on your life.

Boras: All right Team 1, I'm back. 30 for 5.

Team: Didn't you talk to a bunch of other teams? Why are you back here? We told you we couldn't go better than 20 and 4.

Boras: 30 for 5.

Team: 20 and 4

Boras: Ok fine, 20 and 5. With a fifth year at 10. And you have to pay him in those huge Publisher's Clearing House checks. And instead of checks, you have to say they are cheques.

Player: Boras, you're fired. 20 and 4.

Boras: I am the best negotiator of all time.

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