Monday, February 23, 2009

Watching the NFL Scouting Combine

Yesterday, I had a headache....a bad headache. So bad, that I went to bed at 9 PM, which was so early that I didn't get Ryan's text message asking me to make a post yesterday, which is another reason why we didn't have one. Now, if I lived in Minnesota like Ryan, it would have been a great day to have a headache, since it looks like they had a high of 18 yesterday. Here in Arizona, it was 80, so yeah, it was a pretty crappy day to have a headache.

But the headache allowed me to do 1 thing at least. I watched the QB, WR, and RB drills of the NFL Scouting Combine on the NFL network. Here are my groggy, blurred thoughts about what I saw while sprawled out on the couch.

- I learned in previous years that Mike Mayock is a homeless man's Mel Kiper. If there was no such entity as the Kiper, Mayock could possibly look like a good college talent to NFL team needs matcher, but you can't stop the pure genious that is Kiper. I wonder how much it would cost the NFL to steal him from ESPN (after he is thawed from his cryogenic chamber of course) for a few days.

- Anyone that drafts Oregon's Jaison Williams desperately needs to get their head examined. This man's hands are made of a material so hard, it could probably cut diamonds. On maybe the most important day of his entire life, he dropped just about everything that was thrown to him, including a bunch of passes that hit him right in the hands.

- I only got to see the second group of QBs throw, and I really didn't think any of them looked all that impressive when trying to hit recievers running routes.....especially when you consider this was indoors, with no coverage on the recievers, and no pass rush... I think the quarterback that performed best in these drills was actually Central Washington's Mike Reilly, who consistently hit his man in stride. Reilly is the kind of guy that probably won't get drafted or will be a late round gamble, but some of these small school guys can impress in the pros.

- Mark Sanchez also looked pretty bad in the passing drills. Is it possible that USC's system was hiding his true talent all along?

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

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