Friday, March 09, 2012

The cupboard is bare

After Peyton Manning was let go, the Colts have decided to make a few more changes. Dwight Freeney is on the block. Indy cut Melvin Bullitt, Joseph Addai, Gary Brackett and Dallas Clark. Oh, and Curtis Painter. Let me touch on each of thse players individually.

Dwight Freeney - My favorite Colts player, maybe ever. A monster at Syracuse, he wasn't highly regarded coming out of school because of his size. Nevertheless, the Colts drafted him, and he became a star. Now, he is perhaps the only viable trade chip on the team. Hey, they have to get something this offseason, right?

Melvin Bullitt - I find it difficult to get attached to anyone who ever played for the Colts secondary. Because they are very bad, you see.

Joseph Addai - There are a lot of things Addai might be good at. Needlepoint. Baking apple turnovers. One of them is not "professional NFL running back". The only reason he ever looked competent is because he was propped up by a hall of fame QB. With Manning out of the picture, so is Addai. Mercifully.

Gary Brackett - Have you ever noticed in highlight clips of Brackett, it's always in games against the Texans? Do you know why that is? It's because in all the other games he is garbage. Watch him against the Chargers. Just awful.

Dallas Clark - When you no longer have any wide receivers (Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon are free agents) it's really hard to run a spread offense. Dallas Clark isn't really a component that fits anymore. Sorry Dallas. Hell, no I'm not. You don't have to play for the Colts anymore.

Curtis Painter - It's Painter's fault. Everything is Curtis Painter's fault. If Dan Orlovsky can come in and make the team look competent, you have to wonder about the guy he replaced. I do wonder. Well, no I don't. Painter is the worst QB to ever play in the league. Ever. And he played for most of a season. Worst. Ever.He should never have been drafted. If he was remotely competent, the Colts are drafting top ten, but not first overall. Manning sticks around, and they just reload for another run. But no. Curtis Painter was so incredibly, aggressively terrible that he changed the course of Colts history by being so bad. In fact, the only thing he could have done is go to his coaches and say "Listen, guys, you know that I'm awful, right? Shouldn't be in the league? Why are you starting me?" Go away Curtis Painter. Go away and never come back. I never want to hear your name again.

(All in all, positive developments form the Colts, even if it hurts a little Good to see the team moving on)



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