Thursday, March 08, 2012

Here is a crazy-ass Peyton Manning scenario

Like I said, this is crazy-ass, and there is 0% chance of it happening. That said, what do you think of this scenario?
Let's operate first under the premise that the Peyton Manning is driven mostly to play where he is most comfortable, because he already has a ring, and is fabulously wealthy. That said, what about this?
What if the Saints used a cheap Drew Brees (because he is franchised) as trade bait for someone like the Redskins with high picks and a penchant for big name players, and then signed Manning for a lower price tag, brought back Colston, while grabbing, say, Justin Blackmon with the ‘Skins pick?
The Saints would then have a defense and a well established offense, even better with Marques Colston and Justin Blackmon as the downfield threats. They get only slightly weaker at QB while getting stronger elsewhere, The Redskins would end up with the elite QB they so desperately crave. And Peyton Manning would be playing at his father's team, in a division with two domes (the other being in Atlanta) so he can show off his arm, like he did in Indianapolis. 
Win-win for everyone, right? Well, except for Drew Brees. But he is used to getting hosed on stuff like this.



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