Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Vikings are hilarious

The Vikings decided that they needed to upgrade their defensive coaching staff and decided to hire a defensive coordinator and replace incumbent Frank Pagac. Certainly a noble idea, and one the Vikings put forth in the most spectacular way possible.
Well, spectacular in the same way a high speed train derailment is hilarious. You see, they hired the defensive backs coach from the Colts, Alan Williams. I can tell you that, were it not for the linebacking corps being exponentially worse, people wouldn't stop talking about how bad the Colts secondary has been since forever. (And to be honest, they were probably one of the best groups on the team this year with how bad the Colts offense turned out to be this year)
Oh, sure, sure, people are all about how good the secondary was earlier this century. I can run through the elements that allowed the Colts to play good pass defense, particularly when they won the Super Bowl.
STEP ONE: Have awesome defensive ends. The Vikings do have this, but if we're being honest, a defensive backs coach doesn't have a lot to do with defensive ends.
STEP TWO: Have a historic offense that runs up the score, keeps the opposing offense off the field, and means the opposing offense has to try to go deep downfield, allowing the awesome DE's to get to the QB before he can throw it, or at the very least, rushing those throws. So, if Christian Ponder can step it up a bit and play like a vintage Peyton Manning, Percy Harvin is Marvin Harrison and Toby Gerhart can be Edgerrin James, then this is a good hire.
I do not think this is a good hire.



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