Friday, January 27, 2012

Cooking with Ryan: "Genuine" cheeseburger

All right, so I've mentioned the snooty-ass cookbook I got for my birthday last year? Well, I cooked a crispy fish salad once, and have now taken on the "Genuine" cheeseburger from said cookbook. How does one make a snooty cheeseburger? Let me tell you. It requires ground chuck, mixed with ice water, which makes the burger juicier, because the moisture seeps into the meat as it steams. Then, you take the meat and lightly mold it into a ball. Not too tight, otherwise you get a tough burger! Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with canola oil, slap it on the grill and smoosh it with the spatula and cook.
Sounds simple, right? It was tremendously simple, but using the chuck was a revelation, and ensuring that I sued thick cut toppings made the whole thing a stacked, juicy delight. I didn't even get out of the kitchen because I ate the first one so ravenously. I made 4, and they are all gone already. Every homemade burger I've ever had has been tough and dry, until these. So make the same changes and stop going to McDonald's, because this was flat out better. Look! Precarious!



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