Friday, December 16, 2011

Links of the Day 12/16/11

For breakfast, I am having oatmeal and Pepsi. I don't know if I get points for this being healthy or not.

Michael Cuddyer is off to Colorado. Soon, Denard Span will be traded to the Nationals for garbage, if Jim Bowden is to be believed. (He's not)

How awesome would it be if the Mountain West was a BCS conference next year? Wyoming to the Orange Bowl!

Linking to this post on the posting process for this paragraph: 
When [Nishioka] finally did come back — come back from his major injury, that is — he only got 240 PAs. If 240 PAs showed true talent levels, then we would have very little need for projection systems, BABIP, or Tom “Regress that S***” Tango.




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