Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scandal comes to Purdue

By now, the word of Miami's impending program implosion has reached your ears. Pretty much every player you have heard of in the past 10 years was implicated in what may end up being the biggest scandal in college sports in the past 30 years. TV bans or even the college sports death penalty are on the table.
As Boiled Sports noted, this could be bad for Purdue's quarterback Robert Marve, who transferred from Miami, was one of the many players named in the report. Still, Purdue didn't do anything to warrant our program getting dragged into it, nor did the school reap benefits from any wrongdoings. To my knowledge, Purdue hasn't seen the benefits of an in house scandal since me and some friends paid Brandon Hance to transfer to USC. Er.. wait. I guess that one isn't out htere yet. Anyways, I just want to put it out there that I am willing to do what it takes for Purdue to put a winner on the field. As an alumnus of Purdue, (though one that lives in Minnesota and one that doesn't make that much money), here are some things I can offer.
- Ten bucks per healthy ACL at seasons end
- A pat on the back to anyone the national media recognizes as a Purdue Athlete that isn't Marve or Robbie Hummel.
- Speaking of Hummel, I'll buy him a haircut.
- When in Minneapolis, I will take anyone who wants to go to Lake Calhoun to the walking trails. It's really pretty, and a good way to relieve stress and relax, even with temperatures cooling off. Limit 3. The 2 door Accord was not built for carpools
- A sympathetic ear, if you want to chat about the stress of college, sports, girls or whatever.
So, come on Purdue, you have one booster: me. Let's get it done.

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