Thursday, June 09, 2011

Should Winnipeg be a rival?

The NHL has moved back to Canada, notably to Winnipeg in Manitoba. It's the closest Canadian team to the Wild by a long shot. But should the be Minnesota sports' GREATEST GEOGRAPHIC RIVAL?!
Ooh, sorry, caps lock. All I am asking is, are the New Jets the closest rival that Minnesota sports has?
Well, if you look at it from where the Wild are headquartered, then... no. Of course not. The Wild are 400 miles from Chicago, and 460 miles from Winnipeg.
But wait... It's the MINNESOTA Wild, not the St. Paul Wild. If you measure from Hallock, Minnesota, it's only 87 miles to the 'Peg. Houston, Minnesota, in the southeastern corner is still 300 miles from Chicago.
By this measure, Winnipeg might be the nearest geographic rival in any sport. Houston is 225 miles from Milwaukee, home of the Brewers and Bucks, and Green Bay is 270 miles from Minnesota. Iowa and the Dakotas don't have pro teams.
So there you go. Winnipeg: Greatest sports rival to Minnesota as there is. Or at least the closest.

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