Thursday, June 02, 2011

It could be worse!

I have decided we need to be optimistic about the Twins. No, not that they will do anything this season, it looks a little late for that. But for next season! There is hope for next season! First though, I want to make everyone realize how much worse things could be if we had some former players that used to be on the roster.
First, I thought we would look at Tony Batista, the awful third baseman of 2006. He was cut only a few months into the season. Here are a few choice stats:
Through 54 games, he hit .232 with 5 homers, 29 strikeouts with 18 walks. That's not very good! Oh wait.. .crap, I was looking at Danny Valencia's stats. Tony Batista had the following with the Twins:
50G, .236 Avg, 5HR, 27K and 15BB.

Oh my God, Tony Batista and Danny Valencia are exactly the same. This is a stupid game, I'm not comparing anyone else.

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Blogger Beth said...

IMO Danny is better defensively. And isn't paid as much...

7:34 AM  

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