Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Media gets it backwards

For so, so long, most everyone in Big Ten country has decried the attention that the ACC has received, but ever since the Big East added about a million teams, that attention has gone to the Big East. The ACC has become almost an afterthought, especially since old favorites like Maryland and Wake Forest have fallen off.
This year, thanks in some part to the high rankings I'm sure, the Big East managed to net 11 teams in the Big Dance, while the ACC, the old guard, as it were, only cobbled together 4 teams. The ACC IS really down, aren't they?
But wait! After the first round, the Big East was only 7-4, while the ACC went 3-1 (ironically, their only loss was against the Big East, West Virginia vs Clemson). After today, the Big East lost another team, West Virginia, while they will lose another when Connecticut plays Cincinnati, and another tomorrow when Syracuse plays Marquette. Suddenly, the Big East is guaranteed a max of 4 teams in the Sweet 16. One of their remaining matchups involves the ACC's Florida State against Notre Dame. If FSU wins, then suddenly both the ACC and Big East have three teams in the Big Dance. It makes you wonder if those at ESPN would have had it right, sticking to their traditional guns. Is the ACC the best conference?
Of course not. The best conference is the Big Ten.

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