Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooking with Ryan: Nacho Bean Soup

I made several crucial errors when making my soup. First, the recipe called for canned diced tomatoes. Of course, I didn't see the "canned" in there, so I bought a tomato that I cut up myself. My tomato dicing skills are still subpar. I put in too many beans, not wanting to waste a quarter can of pinto beans. The soup was brought to a boil a little too quickly, before I got the onions in there and subsequently boiled too long before I turned the heat down. It also called for crushed nacho flavored chips, and I think I put in too many. All of this lead to a thicker than desired soup, but the flavor wasn't too bad, actually.
The biggest problem, though, was with my pot. The handle on the lid was cracked, and I didn't think anything of it until the whole assembly crumbled while I was cooking. Every time I tried to pick up the lid, then, it would spin into the soup and generally make a fantastic mess. Worse still, the screw is definitely parked some where at the bottom of the pot. If we are going for flavor, then I will say this dish was OK. If we are going for proper execution, then this was a miserable failure.
I baked some frozen garlic bread along with it, though, and that went pretty well.
(I'll update with a picture when it finally gets sent. Having some Droid problems, apparently.)
 [UPDATE and here is the picture. It tastes better than it looks]



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