Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Minnesota never does anything

The Wild are just out of the playoffs (three points, but with games in hand). They are on the cusp of losing their best player in franchise history, Marian Gaborik. Now would be the time to make a hard push for the playoffs before they enter a dreaded rebuilding period. They might not have a chance for a couple of years.
OR they could accelerate that rebuilding process and make sure they get a return for Gabby, trading him to one of the teams lobbying hard for him, like the Canadiens, for example. It would suck in the short term, but would likely pay off sooner rather than later.
If there was any team to make a trade in the NHL, if there was any team with viable reasons to be either buyers OR sellers and have an active day today, it was Minnesota. Instead, in true Minnesota fashion, Doug Risebrough and the Wild sat on their hands and made sure to be as dull and uninteresting as possible. On a day when there were 22 trades and 45 players changing teams, the Wild couldn't find it in them to do anything. Horrible.

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