Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dude, where's my Blackberry?

Rob Antony: Have you looked in your desk?

Bill Smith: Yep, it's not there.

Antony: Did you put it on the sink or something when you were brushing your teeth?

Smith: No....

Antony: I use mine in the kitchen all the time. Did you leave it by the toaster or something?

Smith: The toaster? No.

Antony: Maybe you were on it in the car and you couldn't put it back in your pocket, so you left it in your cup holder. Is it in your cup holder?

Smith: Checked! Not there!

Hours later......

Antony: Maybe in the clubhouse towards the end of the season?

Smith: Checked there like 5 times!

Many more hours later........

Antony: Did your dog eat it?

Smith: Trust me. I would know by now. Oh well. It will turn up.

Months later......

Smith: Hey Rob! Guess what?

Antony: You have tater tots in your lunch?

Smith: Yeah! And I found my Blackberry! It was in my other pants!

Antony: Hahahahaha! I bet you have a ton of messages!

Smith: Hahahahahahaha! People have been trying to get a hold of me all offseason!

Antony: Hahahahahhahahahha!

Smith: Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!

[Twins sign Joe Crede]
[Twins make offer to Juan Cruz]



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