Monday, January 26, 2009

The Victoria Times Match Game!

With sports generally at a stand still (even if you enjoy the NBA or NHL) for the next couple of months, it's time to find our own diversions. Lately, I have been waking up at around 830 or so, watching an hour of Sportscenter as I work out, watching The Price is Right and another hour of Sportscenter while I write for you rubes, then flipping it over to the Game Show Network. Card Sharks, The Match Game, and Family Feud all come on before I go to work. I wish I were Richard Dawson. That guy had it all figured out.
Anyways, for those who haven't seen it, The Match Game is the best. Without going into detail, I thought it might be fun if we set up a version of the Match Game here at the Times. Without further ado, (and fill in the blanks in the comments) to the game.

- Marian Gaborik missed another practice. This time, it wasn't his groin, it was his [blank].

- Brock Spack was told that he wasn't a very good defensive coordinator. "Defensive coordinator?! I thought I was the [blank] coordinator!"

- Joe Crede was in talks with the Twins, but was worried about playing with Nick Punto. "I'm not used to playing with guys who [blank]"

- After an offseason marred by two surgeries, Peyton Manning will change things up in 2009. Instead, he will [blank]

- Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald were chatting before the Super Bowl. It turns out, instead of gel or hairspray, they both put [blank] in their hair.

- With 9 kids already, it's no wonder Travis Henry was [blank]ing a school teacher.

- Dumb Dora was so dumb (how dumb was she?!?), she actually thought the [blank] had a chance to win the championship.

- I wouldn't really call what Ryan does at the Victoria Times "writing". It's more like [blank]ing.



Blogger beth said...

1. ego.
2. offensive (other meaning)
3. has inspired that much wrath and devotion among fans.
4. Replacing himself with a clone.
5. the blood of their enemies.
6. hiring
7. the Phillies
8. ranting.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

1. "flu" (hockey talk for compound leg fracture)
2. Safety (keeping all the defensive backs far away from any action and close to the sidelines at all times)
3. have a back younger than an 80 year-old
4. Finally defeat Eli to become the Oreo licking champion
5. don't want to know
6. trying to sell some kids to
7. Arizona Rattlers (Arena Football)
8. typing

8:47 PM  

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