Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steve's Super Bowl Pick

Watch the video above if you dare, for it is the hell raising shriek of the mighty Cardinal as he prepares to go into battle. It seems fitting that the least threatening mascot in the NFL is paired with a team that could possibly be the least successful in the history of sports. Even though the Cards are a division rival of my favorite team (the 49ers), they have been significant to me for 2 reasons this year. First, their roots are in the south side of Chicago, where they played their home games at Comiskey Park until they moved to St. Louis in 1960. Because of this they were my dad's favorite team as a kid (then he switched to the Raiders). Second, I moved to Arizona this fall and have nothing against supporting any of the 4 home town teams (but only the Coyotes have a chance to become my favorite in any of those sports).

All of the experts out there are going with the Steelers to win this game, and it makes a ton of sense. The Cardinals would be the worst team record-wise to ever win the Super Bowl if they pull off the upset tomorrow, and the Steelers have history, experience, and the stronger AFC background going for them as well. But in a season where Tom Brady gets knocked out in week 1, Brett Favre plays for the Jets, the Dolphins and Falcons make the playoffs, and Mike Singletary moons his team at half time, doesn't it sorta just make sense that an ancient Kurt Warner would lead the Arizona Cardinals to a default (because everyone else was awful) division title and then miraculously carry them to their first ever Super Bowl win? I think so too. Sorry Steelers, if this was a normal season, I'd be on your side. I'm not even all that impressed with the Steelers this season either. They seemed like a 2nd class team all year that could hardly ever get anything going offensively. I think they were probably the 4th best team in the AFC this year (behind Indy, Tennessee, and New England) and got lucky with matchups in the playoffs. No matter who wins, this Super Bowl champ may be remembered as the team that deserved the title the least, but I don't think the fans in Pittsburgh or Arizona will care.

Cardinals 34, Steelers 24


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