Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm growing a beard.

As it turns out, I have an entire week off. The week after Thanksgiving, exactly when most people want it. I'm at a loss as to what I should do. Just now, after at least 45 seconds of thought, I figured out what I need to do this week. I'm growing a beard.
Perhaps inspired by Oregon State, Fernando Pisani, or Kyle Orton, I decided that this was a necessary adventure. The thing is though, I think Kyle Orton and I already have too much in common. Went to Purdue, took a while to figure it out after we got done with school, etc. That said, I don't want my beard for the sake of having a beard, I want it to mean something. Oregon State has their beards for their run at the Rose Bowl, Pisani grew that epic red piece of majesty for the Stanley Cup Finals.
After racking my brain, I came up with a few things. So here it goes. I'm not shaving my beard until all of the following things happen.
- The Twins acquire a third baseman.
- Purdue basketball stops their winning streak that will start again this week
- Marian Gaborik plays hockey again
- The Colts are eliminated from the playoffs.
- The Victoria Times Ballhype ranking gets lower than 300 again.
With any luck, this monstrosity will be off my face no earlier than February 1st, and no later than early April.



Blogger beth said...

I think the "Twins acquire a third baseman" is a bit ambiguous. Are you in the "Pro-Casey Blake" crowd or "Anti-Casey Blake" crowd? Does this require acquiring a third baseman or would Buscher be okay and a new shortstop?

Obviously, I expect this to happen before Marian Gaborik plays again. I know nothing about the other three items listed.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

The rule is "third baseman" Casey Blake maybe. If all the other stuff falls into place and Buscher is starting at third, I guess I'll let that slide. I didn't really think this through

11:42 PM  

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