Saturday, March 03, 2012

Links of the Day 3/3/12

Thank you for checking in today. I know it's Saturday and you have better things to do.

The New Orleans Saints were paying bounties. Nobody is surprised.

Not bad goalkeeping from the Arsenal-Liverpool game.

Maybe Temple isn't going to the Big East. Whatever.

Detroit 6, Minnesota 0 - It was like the Wild weren't even a professional team.
Florida Gulf Coast 62, Mercer 58 - Sadly, the Bears have been eliminated, probably from the postseason as well. The Eagles are in the championship game, so there is a chance that one of the teams I saw this year still goes dancing.
Minnesota 81, Nebraska 69 - Nebraska is... not good.
Blackburn 1, Aston Villa 1 - Vital point for Blackburn, but they need a win next week against Wolves to stay in the EPL next year.



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