Saturday, July 16, 2011

Links of the Day 7/16/11

The beginning of a heat wave! Enjoy this week, me.

Let's play a little what if..... what if the Twins had KEPT Carlos Gomez and platooned him with Ben Revere? Great defense, or the BEST defense?

Ah yes, another professional sports writer who doesn't care for stats. Well, certain stats.

Twitter offers a window into the crazy soul of your favorite athletes, like, oh, Gilbert Arenas.

Chicago 8, Detroit 2 - I venture to say that games between the White Sox and Tigers might be the most unwatchable games in baseball, but perhaps my opinion carries over from the late nineties.
Kansas City 2, Minnesota 1 - Just throwing this out there, but maybe the 2 run homer is a little less of a big deal if the Twins score more than 1 f'ing run off of Luke f'ing Hochevar.



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