Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh Gardy, I was so close

I was so, so, so very close to writing something good about you, and the way you manage this season, especially the way you have handled what really has been the only sticky spot in your day to day affairs, the whole Kubel-Young-Thome issue. It's becoming clear that the only people upset with Delmon now are media and fans who want him to smile and be Kirby Puckett.
But today, Gardy, you proved once again that you all to often don't think your decisions through. First you had Brian Duensing walk Mark Teixeira load the bases. And you know what? Given the circumstances, I will even say that was a good decision. Then you decided to bring in Matt Guerrier, because that's what you do. Put a righty against the right handed hitter, Alex Rodriguez. Here's the rub. Alex Rodriguez is one of the best hitters in the history of the game. That said, if slugging percentage is your favorite metric, he is better against literally no one than he is against Matt Guerrier (among pitchers he has faced at least 5 times) He has 4 home runs now in 7 plate appearances. Guerrier, in 7 plate appearances against A-Rod, has retired him once. Once. The Grand Slam was a foregone conclusion
So Gardy, you have taken two steps forward and one grand step back.



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